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Free Bible Ministry is pleased to announced that the whole of the Free Bible Version (version 3.0) is now posted here:

Free Bible Ministry report with pictures from India and Cameroon HERE

The Free Bible Ministry Inc (FBM) grew out of the convictions of a number of Christians that they needed to address certain religious issues, believing that the touchstone of theology should always be that any concept should “speak well of God.” This coincided with the recognition that current English translations of the Bible are all held under copyright restrictions, and this presents some difficulties in its transmission. For this and other reasons the group that became FBM initiated a new translation of the New Testament from Greek into modern English, with the plan that this would be made available with a much freer copyright. Free Bible Version

South Africa report with pictures HERE
Audio report HERE

helderberg church

As FBM moves forward the plan is to continue the development of the Free Bible Version, web distribution and audio production, as well as examining the possibility of making this Bible available at no cost in hardcopy. Seminars and presentations will promote the new version as a basis for sharing theological and spiritual concepts. It is hoped that with God’s blessing, this ministry will expand to help fulfill the gospel commission.

Free Bible Ministry is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland


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