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Part of FBM’s ministry to preach the Word and to provide materials to help others do just that. Additionally Dr Gallagher is available for preaching appointments. Use the Contact Us page to request a specific date. 

FBM is very much a teaching ministry. We are here to share vital theological concepts in a unique way. We will be providing teaching tools and curriculum ideas here.
With a doctorate in Divinity, Dr. Gallagher has taught a number of different subjects at the University level. Contact FBM for more details.

Sharing the Bible
The Bible is at the heart of this ministry. As time goes on, we hope to be able to provide hardcopies of the Bible. For the moment we refer those interested to the Free Bible Version at

A prolific author, Dr. Gallagher has written on many subjects and has been published in a wide range of religious and theological journals. Some of his articles are reproduced here.

In this developing section we seek to provide useful books related to our core message and mission. A number of books written by Dr. Gallagher are available as pdf files here.