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FBM is committed to producing and arranging different Bible-related seminars, especially to promote awareness of the Free Bible Version. Other special-topic seminars can be developed on request. Previous seminars have included end-time events, the character of God, the atonement, and specific Bible book studies.

The brand-new translation of the Bible known as the Free Bible Version is a primary project of FBM.

Presentations on various themes are in the process of development. If you have a subject in mind, let us know. In addition to the primary theological and Biblical themes of FBM we also have a keen interest in religious freedom and human rights.

Free Bible Version
The brand-new translation of the Bible known as the Free Bible Version is a primary project of FBM.

But why another translation? That’s the usual question—for there are many modern English translations out there. So another one may seem redundant. However the Free Bible Version is different. In just about every case, you’ll find that no modern version is free. Check out the copyright page of different modern Bibles and you’ll notice that most versions only allow 500 verses (or sometimes just 250 verses) to be quoted without permission. If you want to reproduce a whole book you’ll need written permission, and if you want to make the whole Bible available you’ll certainly be paying royalties. In the case of a media presentation, this can run to tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes, there are programs out there that allow you to access different versions for your own personal use. But what if you don’t want to worry about getting permissions to quote, especially if you want to publish the Bible online on your website etc? Here’s where the Free Bible Version comes in. Through the Creative Commons license, you can use it however you want as long as you say it’s the Free Bible Version and idenify and chages in derivatives.
More details on the FBV website:

Free Bibles
As funds become available we hope to be able to supply free Bibles in various formats: electronic, mp3 audio, and hardcopy.