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About us

The stated aim of Free Bible Ministry (FBM) is “To speak well of God through preaching, teaching, and sharing the Bible.” FBM grew out of the convictions of a number of Christians that they needed to address certain religious issues, believing that the touchstone of theology should always be that any concept should "speak well of God.”

This coincided with the recognition that current English translations of the Bible are all held under copyright, and this presents some difficulties in its transmission. For this and other reasons the group that became FBM initiated a new translation of the Bible from the original languages into modern English, with the plan that this would be made available without the restrictions of existing copyright. This work is now well underway and books are being released in draft form for review under a Creative Commons license that allows free distribution as either electronic text, audio files, or hardcopy with the only restrictions being that there must be attribution and that any derivatives are released under the same license. The full Free Bible Version can be found at

FBM is served by a board of five directors who volunteer their time to serve in this capacity. FBM is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Maryland, USA, and is recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt (501(c)3 status). FBM’s operations are funded by unsolicited donations. Those wishing to make donations may send them to the mailing address under Contact Us and will receive a printed receipt to be used for tax purposes.